How to become an Advertiser?

Because of eHUB advertising your product or your service on the Internet is truly undemanding. Just fulfil a few simple steps:

Why advertise on the internet through eHUB?

We have been a stable company for advertising since 2010

We prefer individual approach to every single Advertiser including drafting the technical bespoke solution

Setting up the campaign is undemanding and intuitive and we start the campaign up within 24 hours

We provide uncluttered reports, however, only one cumulative invoice a month

We try to do our best in helping our clients with developing the campaign and speaking to right Publishers

Our affiliate manager is always here for our client and to answer any questions or comments

Frequently asked questions

Quickly. After signing up a contract and setting up an operating model, we prepare the technical implementation of our tracking system on your website.  After successful testing and launching the campaign we continuously optimise it. You can easily check out how the campaign works in our simple user environment of our system.
Currently eHUB has around 1500 active Publishers and the number is still increasing. Mostly they are operators of websites or other projects which vary, then also authors of reviews, bloggers, cashback portals, coupons portals, aggregators of discount demands or Publishers using their social media for advertising. 
Our inter-affiliate managers take care of every campaign in our system as well as its development and success. In case you want to have everything under control affiliate manager is your contact in eHUB for any types of questions or comments. We also make sure that everything works the way it should when you don't have any time to deal with daily problems and answer every question associated with the campaign.
Affiliate campaign is not an automatic advertising system like PPC or RTB. Affiliate marketing is mainly about long-term co-working and relationship between Advertiser and Publishers. It's not really possible to say what the profits will be in first few months. It is important to properly set up the operating model right at the beginning. First objective results that we can assess usually come after first 3-6 months during the campaign.
Launching the campaign in eHUB is charged depending on the range of desired services, tracking methods and difficulty of chosen operating model. If you contact us we are happy to say everything about the specific pricing conditions. We keep 20% of all transactions approved during our cooperation. For example, if Advertiser can offer 5% reward of the ordered amount, Publishers in our site get 4%.
Rewards are paid by Advertiser from properly finished and paid orders. In case the order is cancelled, it is not picked up when sent COD or the order is sent back in a statutory time period, Advertiser has the right to cancel the transaction. Invoicing of approved rewards with all your co-working publishers is once in a month.