What do we do?

We operate as an effective connection between Internet dealers and website owners. We cooperate with many Advertisers who desire simple and effective advertising solution in purpose to increase their profits on the Internet and also we provide opportunities to a big number of Publishers offering their online channels for campaign and product promotion. In addition, we make sure that everything follows the rules and that rewards are paid off.

Running the affiliate network

We make sure that the affiliate network works in the administrative and the systematic way. This creates opportunities for a cooperation of Advertisers and Publishers.

Individual approach

We approach individually towards needs of every Advertiser and Publisher. We help them grow and build interrelationships.

Campaign performance

We also secure short-term implementations of campaign performances for our clients in purpose to achieve pre-established aims.

Our team

Do not hesitate to contact us with any question about eHUB and options and advantages of affiliate marketing.

Ondřej Hájek


Petra Černochová


Tomáš Jacík


Jana Svobodová


Tomáš Brandejs