How to become a Publisher?

Just sign up, choose from a wide range of active campaigns and start promoting the campaign on your website or on other online channels. With an effective promotion you can earn your rewards very quickly.

Why become Publisher on eHUB?

Simple and well-arranged user background


Wide range of more than 100 active CZ/SK campaigns


Quality technical support and help for beginning Publishers


Innovative advertising elements that you develop yourself (for example dynamic banners for better conversion)


Quick reward payouts



Do you have a website or a blog about food, fashion, traveling, lifestyle, sport, or electronics or are you devoted to any other topic? You surely find the campaign on eHUB fitting exactly on your website.

Frequently asked questions

Anyone with a site to promote online advertising of our Advertisers using a particular website, blog or even social networks can become Publisher. The registration is for free, it is simple and quick as well.
The notice for invoicing of all authorized transactions to date is always sent on the 15th day of the month and the invoice is subsequently paid.
The range of campaigns is really wide – from discount portals, to shops oriented on fashion, lifestyle and sport, to financial products and traveling. You can find the up-to-date list of available campaigns including basic information (the commission model, cookie length, etc.) in our campaign catalog.
The referring through our system always uses the URL beginning with: AID is Publisher’s user number in our network and BID represents a particular advertising element in the campaign. The link can be extended with a ‘destination URL’ parameter with a requested ‘deeplink’.